HM Government of Gibraltar’s Procurement Portal is a completely new enhancement to our web presence. It offers suppliers the ability to view Government’s tender and access the tender documents faster than ever.

These pages will provide advice and information about how we award contracts and the expectations we have for the companies we employ and how they can work with us.

There is a great deal of competition for public contracts. Using the information here will not guarantee success, although it should give enough information for companies to offer informed quotations and tenders. The requirements put on companies are intended to protect the Government’s investments made on behalf of the public.

We are committed to open, transparent, and fair processes. As part from this a number of guides have been included in this website to improve access to business opportunities for potential suppliers; setting out:

  • the legal requirements that influence the Government’s procurement processes.
  • how the Government’s procurement processes work.
  • where suppliers can find out about Government’s contracts.
  • where to look for other public contract opportunities and additional information.

The Government looks for quality goods, works and services at a cost that gives the best overall value for taxpayer's money. If your business can provide this, then we want to know about it.